Saturday, December 29, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 329 to 341

Day 329

After several days in bed with pneumonia, I made it to the kitchen to have dinner with the family.

Day 330

Zelda looks so cute in hats. She grabbed Portia to include in the picture.

Day 331

I must have retreated back to the bed, 'cause I didn't pick up the camera on Nov. 27.

Day 332

Instead of taking a picture of the sunrise, I turned and captured the reflection in a glass picture frame on the wall in the family room.

Day 333

As we were getting read to go to Zelda's dance class, I found her in her bedroom reading to Cinna. I still can't get over how he just lays belly up on her lap.

Day 334

We took a long weekend trip to North Carolina to visit Ron's family. This is the first time I've ever had the chance to get an aerial picture of the airport, Midway in this case.

Day 335

When I woke up on our first morning at Ronnie's house, I looked over the loft balcony to find the girls comfortably positioned on the ottoman watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Day 336

This is another one of the pictures that I took of the girls that didn't make the annual Christmas card. I didn't like the way the dock looked like it was coming out of Annalee's head.

Day 337

I just love the deep orange color of the eggs from my brother-in-law's chickens.

Our three nights in North Carolina passed quickly. We got a quick picture of the girls with Ron and his dad before leaving for the airport.

Day 338

I was so busy unpacking and then beginning some holiday shopping that I didn't pick up the camera...the very last non-picture day of the year!

Day 339

The fourth- and fifth-graders at Annalee's school put on a Christmas production. Annalee and some of her friends worked with their art teacher to create the scenery for the show.

Day 340

This picture is on our living room wall year-round, but it's especially significant at this time of year:
To be up North
To wait
To watch
To wonder
To be closer to 
Santa Claus

Day 341

A blurry image of Zelda as she helps me bake gingerbread cake to celebrate her twin cousins' birthday.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 305 to 328

Day 305

We celebrated Zelda's third family day on Nov. 1. She opened her gift first thing in the morning.

Day 306

Another spectacular sunrise. This one was out the patio door in the kitchen.

Day 307

Zelda's travel group gathered at our church to celebrate the anniversary of our adoptions. Two families weren't able to attend the party and were missed. It's so fun to see how much the children change from year to year.

Day 308

Apparently, this is the only picture I took this day. It looks to be the early colors of sunrise through the trees in the backyard. A pretty pathetic shot, if you ask me.

Day 309

I bought an abundance of Chiquita bananas (the very best) when they were on sale. Once they ripen, I cut them up and freeze them. We use them to make smoothies. Delish!

Day 310

Annalee looked so chic with her hair in a bun.

That same evening, Papa (Dad Bob) had some company while he relaxed on our couch.

Day 311

These cats constantly amuse us. That's Portia with her legs straight up while Cinna rests his head on her belly.

Day 312

Pomegranate season was upon us. It is Annalee's favorite fruit...well, along with watermelon.

Day 313

Whenever I can't find the kittens, I have to remember to look in the laundry room. On top of the washer, in the dirty laundry basket. Ick.

Day 314

Zelda and I made a chocolate cake for me to take to a class at church. When her face looks like this I'm never sure how much she actually gets into her mouth.

Later that day, as we headed out to the party to celebrate Annalee's eighth family day, I captured this sunset just down the road from our house.

These are 13 of the 18 girls who came home in Annalee's adoption group. They're growing up so fast! Annalee is in the pink.

Day 315

Cinna sleeps on Ron under a sleeping bag. He's a big baby (Cinna, that is).

Day 316

I remember a picture I took in February after we returned from Puerto Vallarta that was of a wonderful fruit salad. On Nov. 12 I found myself with pineapple, papaya and watermelon, so I made the same salad, tossed with a squeeze of lime juice.

Day 317

I was surprised one morning to find Portia resting on the vent in the bathroom.

Day 318

I have bored myself with images of the sky at sunrise, so I'm sure you're bored, too!

Day 319

The sun was just setting on our way home from the library one afternoon. My phone captured it as a huge glowing fireball.

Day 320

Portia likes to play in our library basket.

Day 321

The table at our church dinner dance looked so pretty lit by tea lights.

Day 322

This was the best of the first group of pictures I took of the girls for our 2012 Christmas card. I liked it, but I still did a couple more shoots to get the one that actually made the card.

Day 323

Zelda and Tubby hosted a tea party.

Days 324 through 328...
...went by in a blur as I ended up sick with pneumonia. I spent five days that included Thanksgiving in bed and am still gaining my energy back today as I write this (Dec. 27). I figured I was feeling better when I remembered to pick up the camera to continue work on this year-long project.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Service, Dec. 24, 2012

May Christ our infant savior give you the joy of the Bethlehem shepherds, the awe of the worshiping sages and the humility and love of the holy family. May you become as little children and the blessing of God our Creator, Redeemer and Giver of life be with you always.


Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night! (Yes, I know I'm mixing a Santa story with Christianity, but we just read The Night Before Christmas, so it's just in me!)

Fourth Sunday of Advent, Dec. 23, 2012

At the end of communion, we sang "Let There Be Peace on Earth," a song I adore.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me;
Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be,
With God as creator, brothers and sisters are we,
Let us walk with each other in perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me, let this be the moment now.
With ev'ry step I take, let this be my solemn vow;
To take each moment and live each moment in peace eternally.
Let there be peace on earth and it begin with me.

Amen to that.

And, now, our closing blessing:

As we await the Child of Peace, may we have the prophetic courage to turn our culture upside down. May we turn our swords into plowshares, not just as an act of poetry but of prophetic imagination and action; and may the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God, Mother of us all, be upon you now and forever.

Amen and Merry Christmas to all.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 300 to 304

Day 300

I thought Zelda looked too cute in this flamingo shirt. Too bad she's growing out of it.

Day 301

Zelda was on the schedule to help with ushering at church on Oct. 28. Before the adult ushers arrived, she grabbed bulletins and was in position to greet people as they entered the nave. Nearly made me cry.

Day 302

The kittens really liked the fleece I was working with to make Annalee's Halloween costume.

Day 303

On days like this, when I see the sun burning through the trees and bushes, I relish the opportunity to get Annalee to school at 7:15 a.m.

Day 304

Fleece flames on Annalee's cape. I think this is the best costume I've made so far.

Here she is as the girl on fire, aka. Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games.

Zelda turned into a black cat for Halloween.

My nephew Wyatt was a scary clown. Yuck!

Do you know the name of this fairy? It's Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty. Way to go, Gerri!

Though I didn't take this picture (obviously), I include it here, 'cause it was a fun picture and you can see the excitement building as we prepare to go trick 'r treating.

And, now, I'm caught up through October. Only two more months to go!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First Sunday of Advent, Dec. 2, 2012

May Christ the sun of righteousness shine upon you and scatter the darkness from before your path, and the blessing of God almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God, Mother of us all, be with you and remain with you for ever.