Saturday, December 29, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 329 to 341

Day 329

After several days in bed with pneumonia, I made it to the kitchen to have dinner with the family.

Day 330

Zelda looks so cute in hats. She grabbed Portia to include in the picture.

Day 331

I must have retreated back to the bed, 'cause I didn't pick up the camera on Nov. 27.

Day 332

Instead of taking a picture of the sunrise, I turned and captured the reflection in a glass picture frame on the wall in the family room.

Day 333

As we were getting read to go to Zelda's dance class, I found her in her bedroom reading to Cinna. I still can't get over how he just lays belly up on her lap.

Day 334

We took a long weekend trip to North Carolina to visit Ron's family. This is the first time I've ever had the chance to get an aerial picture of the airport, Midway in this case.

Day 335

When I woke up on our first morning at Ronnie's house, I looked over the loft balcony to find the girls comfortably positioned on the ottoman watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Day 336

This is another one of the pictures that I took of the girls that didn't make the annual Christmas card. I didn't like the way the dock looked like it was coming out of Annalee's head.

Day 337

I just love the deep orange color of the eggs from my brother-in-law's chickens.

Our three nights in North Carolina passed quickly. We got a quick picture of the girls with Ron and his dad before leaving for the airport.

Day 338

I was so busy unpacking and then beginning some holiday shopping that I didn't pick up the camera...the very last non-picture day of the year!

Day 339

The fourth- and fifth-graders at Annalee's school put on a Christmas production. Annalee and some of her friends worked with their art teacher to create the scenery for the show.

Day 340

This picture is on our living room wall year-round, but it's especially significant at this time of year:
To be up North
To wait
To watch
To wonder
To be closer to 
Santa Claus

Day 341

A blurry image of Zelda as she helps me bake gingerbread cake to celebrate her twin cousins' birthday.

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