Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Sunday in Lent, Feb. 26, 2012

May Christ who calls you to take up your cross, give you strength to bear your own and one another's burdens, and the blessing of God our Creator, Redeemer and giver of life be with you always.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 22 to 26

My year-long photo project continues. I've just been lax (and took a vacation) between Jan. 22 and now. Here's to hoping I can build up some momentum, get caught up on my posts and start to maintain some consistency in posting.

 Day 22

In honor of Chinese New Year, I decorate our mantel with Chinese artwork, books and even shoes.

Day 23

I have been wearing bunny slippers since 1994, thanks to my friends Denise and Tammy, who gave them to me after a surgery. They were hard to find for a while, but I would always have my family on the lookout for them so I could replace my very well worn pairs. Lately, I have been buying my classic bunnies from Runaway Rabbit. I only mention it and give them this plug because they have outstanding customer service!

Day 24

My dear, sweet Annalee all snug in her bed.

Day 25

I got a pedicure for our trip to Mexico. You'll see more of that trip in another post.

Day 26

I don't know why, but I can't throw away candy canes. So, these are still sitting on my counter (yes, even now in February as I post this picture that I took in January).