Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 202 to 219

I know I already posted a picture for Day 201, but I found this one on my phone and wanted to recognize it.

The day after we learned that The Stray Dog restaurant in New Buffalo, Mich., had burned down, the girls and I decided to wear our Stray Dog t-shirts to pay homage. We just had trouble taking the picture of ourselves with my phone.

Day 202

Stephen, from our church, is going off to college this month. For his final piano and guitar recital, he wanted to host it at church with an open invitation for parishioners. Ron and I attended while the girls were on a sleepover with my dad and stepmom. Then we went to the bookstore and movies - what a perfect date night!

Day 203

I made everyone's favorite chocolate layer cake for our little friend's second birthday. 

Day 204

While mounting photos to enter in the county fair, I neglected to put the protector directly under the mounting board I was slicing into. Part way through the cut, I got that sickening feeling that I was cutting into the table. I gently lifted the board to see that, yes, indeed, I was slicing the table. I include this here so that all my friends who have crafted in my kitchen will know that they are not alone in having damaged my table.

Day 205

For the first time all summer, we spent some time with the Crowley girls. We missed them!

Day 206

We brought a bottle of a newly discovered wine favorite, 2009 Red Satin by Domain Berrien Cellars, to dinner with friends.

Day 207

I finally took a stroll to the garden (not really, it just takes 10 steps from the patio door, but I was being leisurely) and found a nice surprise of veggies waiting to be picked.

That evening, we were eating dinner when I looked up and saw something move around outside. If you look very closely at the red flower the furthest to the right, you'll see a hummingbird. Don't blink or it'll fly away.

Day 208

We went to the county fair today. Our first stop was the Home Economics building to see what awards we had won.

The top one is Ron holding Zelda on his shoulders while watching an event at last year's fair. The second one is from Zelda's dance recital when several girls were watching the light reflect off their sequins. Each picture placed first in its category and received a Special Award from the director. (I'm going to try to put together another post with the actual pictures that won awards.)

Day 209

Ron and I took the girls to Plush Horse ice cream parlor on Saturday afternoon. This 'baby'-sized cone we ordered Zelda looks as big as her head!

Day 210

At our church auction last year, several of us bid on a game day offered by friends. Instead of taking any pictures of our friends, I opted to take a picture of one of my favorite dogs ever, Milo.

Day 211

After trying bacon on the grill during vacation earlier in the month, I tried it at home. It was so delicious! But, you really have to watch it. One minute it's still a little soft and the next minute it's burnt to a crisp.

Day 212

When I realized I hadn't taken a picture for the day, I grabbed the camera while watching the USA women's gymnastics team during the medal ceremony.

Day 213

I made a new recipe, watermelon gazpacho. It was a mess to make, but it sure was cool and flavorful. Lucky for me the girls didn't like it - and Ron would never eat cold soup!

Day 214

Zelda was sitting in the kitchen with this hoodie dress on, with the hood on, so I wanted to take her picture. When she saw the camera, she said she'd give me her weird face.

Day 215

Another end-of-the-day moment when I realized I hadn't taken a picture. This is of Michael Phelps with his final individual medal of the 2012 Olympics.

Day 216
Family Farm Fest at CHN

Our church held its sixth annual Family Farm Fest on Aug. 4. This year, a wonderful man brought his family chickens to share with the children. Annalee and Zelda really  loved the opportunity to hold them. Maybe some day we'll get our own backyard coop.

Day 217

We've been talking with Annalee for several weeks about becoming an acolyte at church. She really wants no part of church; and she really wanted no part of this. But, we asked her to participate in the training, and then we could talk about it. Well, by the end of the training, there was nothing to talk about. She was so excited! I think it's the robes (even though they're hot) and the candle that have her intrigued. Let's see how it goes. She's scheduled to serve on Aug. 26, when Ron also is a LEM.

Day 218

This is Zelda and Bo after playing in the sandbox and then the water hose. I'm not sure why they couldn't smile. But, what fun would that have been?

Day 219

To celebrate our 13 years of marriage, Ron and I took the girls to dinner at Cooper's Hawk. It was fun to get a little dressed up and take the girls somewhere they hadn't been. Our waitress was thoughtful and considerate of the girls, which made for a pleasant experience. We enjoyed everything from the wine through the dessert, though Annalee would say the dessert needed more Reese's and more ice cream on it. 

And, when I press Publish, I will have caught up on my Photo Project 2012 blogging. How cool is that!?!

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