Sunday, August 5, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 188 to 201

What I love about this year of photos is that when I finally get around to working on a post and selecting the pictures for each day, I'm often reminded of little things we have done together that might otherwise be forgotten.

Day 188

The Saturday night following vacation, Ron helped the girls make a fort in the family room. We got smart and used the boca clips to hold the blankets in place. The girls slept in it for several nights before we took it down.

Day 189

While in China to adopt Zelda, we spent a good deal of our time with two families. One family has since moved out of state. This was the first time we had been together since last summer. We met up in Chinatown for lunch and a walk-about.

Day 190

On July 9, the girls began two weeks of summer camp at Worlds of Wisdom and Wonder. Here they are getting ready for their first day.

Day 191

I finally remembered to freeze the blueberries I bought on our last day in Michigan. What's not to love about fresh frozen Michigan blueberries?

I just had to take this picture of Annalee sleeping with her life-long pal, Googlie. Oh wait, this might be the extra Googlie we had in reserve that recently came out of hiding; Annalee named this one Gannalee.

Day 192

I thought Zelda looked like a very cute VERY short adult all dressed up with her little skirt and sweater sleeves pushed back going to brain camp.

Day 193

We met up with our 'China' friends one more time before they headed back home. This visit was to Bass Pro Shop where the kids made themselves at home with their Pokemon cards in the open bow of a boat.

Day 194

Our priest called a little panicked the day before she and her family were going out of town for a night. She had made all the arrangements for their getaway - except for care of their dog, Reilly. She didn't even have the request out of her mouth when I agreed. The girls always are thrilled to have Reilly for a visit. In this case, it was giving them a little practice in anticipation of our new kittens coming home.

Day 195

The next day, Zelda was helping me bake goodies for coffee service at church the next day. Still in her pajamas and apron, Zelda took Reilly for a walk around the front yard.

Day 196

These are Zelda's creation for our church friends: cone cakes. They were a huge hit!

Later that afternoon, we attended a cousin's daughter's Christening party. A face-painting, music-singing, guitar-playing magician kept the girls entertained.

Day 197

Our first Sweet 100 tomato came in!

Day 198

One week after my dad Bob went into the hospital, my dad Ken and my stepmom surprised him with a visit. Here the girls and their cousins, along with Nana, are entertained by a game on Annalee's DS while we dine in the hospital cafeteria.

Day 199

The girls like to hole up in Zelda's bed with their electronic toys. I can never quite understand why they squeeze into Zelda's twin bed when Annalee has a more spacious double bed. Go figure.

Day 200

I found this banana treat in Family Fun magazine. I thought it would be something fun and easy that the girls and I could make. I was half right.

Somehow, ours didn't quite end up looking like those in the magazine (they rarely do). The bananas were falling off of the sticks, so we laid them down on a pan and tried to stick the toppings to them.

Day 201

Even though they weren't as pretty as the professionals', they were super delicious and a fun way to start our Friday!

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