Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Day 220

So, we're 220 days into 2012. And, we're at least six weeks into summer if not seven, nevermind that we had three months of spring before that.

Today, the weather mat at my front door finally struck me as out of season. I figure I either don't use my front door very often (not true) or I'm not very observant (possibly). Even more strange to me is that none of my friends has even mentioned it when they've come to visit. So, I took this picture to laugh at myself. And, then, I ran into the office so I could post this on the same day and be really current with my year-long photo project.

And, no, I haven't changed the door mat. I figure it's only another couple months until fall and then the snow comes. I'll be in season then.

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