Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 181 to 187

We spent a week with friends in Michigan, as we have in several previous years. The week kicked off with an early July 4th party (on June 30).

Day 181

Zelda was princess of the Independence Day party.

Day 182

Sudden storms that were raging back at home looked like they might come our way across the lake. So, we gathered the kids in the center of the house away from the walls of windows.

Day 183

Monday was a day for the dads to go fishing. The moms and kids were blessed with the most picturesque and calm day on the lake.

Day 184

On Tuesday, the moms had their turn away for the day. We went shopping and had a delicious lunch at Brewster's in New Buffalo, Mich. As we pulled up to a shop in Three Oaks, I spotted this tin goat. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I took a couple pictures. Later in the week, I told Ron about it; he was intrigued enough to leave a space in the van when we packed up at the end of the week. On our way out of Michigan, we detoured to Three Oaks and bought Billy.

Day 185 - Happy July 4th!

I don't think vacation would be complete without a large box of bakery goods to start a morning. (Not that I ate any of those glutenated, dairy-filled concoctions, but they sure looked pretty!)

Each vacation, we create a 'day at the beach' theme. This year, since we would be vacationing on July 4, we planned for Red, White and Blue Day.  Breakfast began with colored umbrella fruit picks.

Dinner plates featured red, white and blue gummy bears.

In between our meals, we made tie-dye T-shirts that were ready to wear by the end of the day.

Day 186

We took a break from the beach on Thursday and headed to Captain Mike's for some competitive go-cart racing. Zelda and I came in second behind Alan and Matthew; Ron and Annalee were third with Gretchen in the rear.

And, what vacation would be complete without a s'more (or two or three)? Despite the sweltering 95-degree heat, we made a small fire just to roast marshmallows.

Day 187

On our drive home, the thermometer on the car hit 109 degrees. I just had to memorialize it.

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