Thursday, July 19, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 165 to 180

I've got a lot of catching up to do!

Day 165

Thursday night is Cruisin' Night in Westmont. Even better, it was Chevy night. One day, I'm gonna get me a 1953 Chevy pick-up...

Day 166

The girls and I finally got back to our public water-park community pool on Friday afternoon.

Day 167

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, my how your garden has grown in the 10 days we were out of town. And, this is just a view of the lettuce section!

Ron and the girls couldn't pass up a perfect day for a car wash. It's something they all get into, especially Annalee when she's in charge of the hose (and squirting everyone).

Day 168

We took a drive to see Dad and Pat. A mother robin made a nest in the wreath on the back door, so my folks cordoned off access to the door and let the robin lay her eggs. We had a wonderful view of the babies from inside the nine-pane window of the back door. This is just one of the four babies.

Day 169

Late in the afternoon, I remembered I needed a photo for the day. These are two wooden 'heads' that are in the back bed. I was also enjoying the view of the bed since it had been weeded and mulched. So much prettier than it had been...

Day 170

On Monday night, I was holding Zelda while we were talking with Ron in the office. Suddenly, we heard this very loud thump. My first, crazy thought was that someone was trying to get into the house. Then again, we were having a windy rain storm outside. And, the noisemaker was a large branch that fell off our neighbor's cottonwood tree that hangs over our house. Thankfully, only a tiny corner of our roof was damaged.

Day 171

After a couple hours at the pool, Zelda was tired. So tired, she didn't last the few minutes it took to drive out of the pool parking lot before falling asleep.

Day 172

We finally had a morning when the girls could relax. They decided to do it in my bed where they could watch TV.

Day 173

On June 22, we went to Swedish Days in Geneva with our friends. Maia and Annalee always hold hands or arms together when we are at this event (at least, I notice it most when we go to this). It was hard to capture, but I just love the way they are arm-in-arm. It almost seems like it's in their Chinese blood.

Day 174

As I was getting ready for bed on this Saturday night, I turned on the TV and found the classic Pretty Woman movie. At the same time, I realized I hadn't taken my photo for the day. So, I grabbed the camera and took some pictures of the TV. Didn't you all know exactly what this picture was without my even saying the name? I love that about this movie!

Day 175

Ron has gotten really good at roasting peppers on the grill (to go with our steaks). This was the bowl peppers before they hit the grill.

Day 176

I asked the girls to water some of the plants this afternoon. It was this day that I realized that asking them to water the plants absolutely meant that they would be watering themselves, too. In the heat we've been experiencing, I'm all for it.

Day 177

On our way home from an evening at the YMCA, I captured the setting sun peaking between houses and trees as we drove down the road to our home.

Day 178

I wish I could have really captured how worn down the girls looked after a full day at camp through our park district. They looked so hot, disheveled and exhausted. I wasn't sure we'd make it the six-minute drive home without falling asleep.

Day 179

We baked a chocolate ginger cake for a friend. Zelda loves to bake with me, but she loves licking the bowl better.

Day 180

It was the Friday night before we left on vacation. We decided to order in and really wanted some Middle Eastern food. The first local place I drove to had a sign that said it had changed from Kabob & Falafel to some BBQ chicken and ribs place - even though it was all closed up. The second place I went was closed due to some health issue (with the workers, not with the restaurant itself). So, I ended up at Taco Express, which is reliably good. I took this while I waited for my order.

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