Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 61 to 67

Day 61

When we met Joyce and Bo at the zoo, she gave me the lime juicer she had bought for me a couple weeks earlier. The girls were quick to use it to make limeade. It took a couple tries to get it as perfect as it tastes in Mexico.

Day 62

We've had our beta fish for one year. He's still going strong.

Day 63

The four of us participated in a fashion show fundraiser for our adoption agency. While we have many pictures of us in the actual show, this is one of the only that I took myself. Annalee's hair was done in a loose ponytail and tons of curls.

Day 64

Zelda is a super helper with the collection plate at church.

Day 65 and 66

Two pathetic days without taking a picture.

Day 67

What a happy day in the clouds at the park.

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