Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 68 to 89

Just when I get caught up with posting, I get behind. Here's a big catch-up. Again.

Day 68

Two of Zelda's friends had birthdays at the same time. Zelda wrapped the gifts and decorated the boxes. She also wrote on the envelopes, which contained cards that she made herself. Like mother, like daughter.

Day 69

Each spring and fall, I go away with some friends for what has become a crafting weekend. Our food stuff has gotten healthier over time. We started our weekend with mango, watermelon and cucumber sprinkled with a Mexican fruit seasoning, Tajin. Delicious!

Day 70

Although we spent most of our time indoors crafting - in my case it was working on my photo project blog and on Shutterfly albums - I did get outside for a short while to enjoy the beautiful, sunny day.

Day 71

Claudia spent her time on our weekend sewing a twirling top for her daughter. It was inspirational. Maybe next time I'll bring my sewing machine.

Day 72

Yes, I was desperate and bored, so I took a picture of the craft glue sitting on the counter one evening.

Day 73

The next morning, I found early inspiration in the sunrise.

Day 74

We enjoyed such summer-like weather in early March that I took the girls to the park after school to fly kites. When she realized that it worked better when you stood still instead of running with it, Annalee lost interest quickly and headed to the playground.

Day 75

Zelda never tires of playing in the sink.

Day 76

My mom has been trying new things as she approaches her 70th birthday. Here, on March 16, she tried her hand at dancing with the Wii.

Day 77

I thought it was funny when I spotted the silhouette of the snowflake on the patio door, even though it was a very mild 68-degree morning. We had already been running the air conditioning for a few days. I guess it's time to change the decor.

Day 78

Yes, this is how warm it's been...

Day 79

Annalee has such a special quietness about her in the mornings.

Zelda made her first batch of bran cereal muffins. Nearly all by herself!

Day 80

Tubby is never out of reach at night-time.

Day 81

Annalee reads a new book to Zelda. On the floor of the bathroom. Go figure.

Day 82

As if we don't have access to a computer (or a few) at home, Annalee and Zelda gravitate to the computers at our public library. I think they look so sweet together.

Day 83

Zelda bought herself the bunny ears. She's ready for Easter.

We celebrated mom's birthday with a sundae bar. Melted wax included.

Day 84

Annalee, my mom and I went to a local cat show. We're set on Tonkinese, but it's always fun to look and see the different breeds. And, it was another first for my mom - going to a cat show. Dad's lucky she didn't come home with a cat. She was thisclose. She settled for buying Annalee a new cat toy for the kittens we'll get later this summer.

Day 85

We celebrated mom's birthday with the whole family at a local restaurant two days after her actual birthday.

Day 86

For our first day of spring break, Ada-lin joined us as we visited Brookfield Zoo. It was a cool day, so we spent time at the Hamill Family Play Area. Here are my two cats and a butterfly.

Day 87

Annalee dressed up in a very special Chinese dress of hers and then played with make-up. She looked far more striking (in a good way!) than it looks in this picture.

Day 88

On our third day of spring break, we headed to Chicago and the Field Museum, where we met our friends Charlotte and Sam. Here are all the kids in front of Annalee's favorite dinosaur, the parasaurolophus.

Day 89

The next day, we went to the Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier. Zelda found the water, of course.

Annalee 'caught' a waterfall in the Big Backyard exhibit.

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