Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 37 to 51

Day 37

As usual, I overpacked.. And, all that got me was some large piles of dirty laundry when we returned from vacation.

Day 38

While on vacation, I fell in love with our fruit plate breakfasts. I was able to pick up all the ingredients at our local market so we could start our day in Chicago just as wonderfully.

Day 39

Oops. I totally forgot to take a picture!

Day 40

The early morning winter sun comes through the French doors in the family room as Annalee looks out.

How awesome to watch Zelda practice her letters - all on her own!

Day 41

Another day went by without the camera grasped in my hands...shame on me!

Day 42

The Chinese new year decoration on the patio door hangs in silhouette against the clear blue sky.

Day 43

Ron and Zelda pose for my daily picture.

Day 44

I took some time over the weekend to create Valentine's Day cards for the girls. Zelda's is on the left; Annalee's is on the right.

And, here's the card I made for Ron.

Day 45

Before leaving for preschool, Zelda set up Tubby at the back door to wait for her.

Little Z had some busy day. So much so, she fell asleep with her Winnie the Pooh book in hand.

Day 46

These pictures aren't the clearest, but I thought Annalee looked so beautiful that morning.

Then, she did her Caucasian eyes look that just cracks me up. Holding her eyes open top and bottom makes her look SO different.

Day 47

Zelda posed for me over her morning snack so I'd get my picture of the day taken early.

Day 48

I'm always amazed at how running water can occupy children for so long. I should remember it more often.

Day 49

I was struck by the girls intertwined feet as they played with Zelda's computer game.

Day 50

Ron and I have instilled in Annalee and Zelda a strong love of reading.

Day 51

The Fleeners and Crowleys came over on President's Day for a lunch buffet and lots of play (ooh, I rhymed!). Check out Annalee in her glasses, which she now needs to wear all the time. She's so cute!

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