Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 27 to 36

Days 27 through 36 were taken during our family vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We had an incredibly fun time, just the four of us.

Day 27

Is it ever possible to take a picture that contains a complete dinosaur skeleton AND allows you to see the people you're photographing in front of it? I don't think so. In any case, here are the girls at O'Hare International Airport in front of a brachiosaurus.

Day 28

This was the beauty that we awoke to on our first full day in Mexico. I could stare at this image for hours on end.

The day only got better. After a day on the beach and swimming in the pool and visiting with friends made in years past, I kicked up my feet and took in the fresh air and sounds of the waves, laughter and music.

Day 29

Zelda and Tubby after a busy day on the beach.

Day 30

The girls and I always take a picture of our feet on the beach. This year, we forgot to do it the first two days. Then, Annalee came down with the stomach flu and wasn't going to the beach our third day. So, we got her to hang her foot over the bed to take the picture. I was worried their polish would be worn off if we waited much longer.

Does this picture really require a caption?

Day 31

My beautiful Annalee.

The girls, with sand toys and and towel clips in hand, get ready for play time on the beach.

Day 32

For two days, it seemed like every pelican within a hundred miles had decided to hang out at our beach. I even got pooped on while laying on my lounge chair. Turns out there was a run of sardines that the pelicans were after. Once they finished those, they cleared out.

Day 33

One afternoon, Ron and his little sidekick challenged Annalee to a Pokemon game. Annalee always picks the best cards and never quite tells you all the rules, so you can guess who won.

Just before we went out to dinner, I turned back into the room. I just loved the way the light and the breeze were caught in the sheers.

Day 34

Zelda got the stomach flu while she was sleeping. Tubby took the brunt of the effect. So, the next morning we hung him out to dry. At least he had a great view of the beach.

The girls pose as we get ready to leave for dinner.

Later that evening, we visited with Miguel, the hotel's resident finger-painter. Annalee bought a hand-painted tile she designed herself and Zelda designed a finger-painted rock.

Day 35

The sun peaks over the mountain and shines on the palm trees around 8 a.m.; it finally hits the beach by about 10 a.m. That doesn't keep people from setting up their chairs early to get the best spot on the beach.

For our last full day in Puerto Vallarta, the girls put on quite a show for the shutter. Above, Zelda just pretends to be sleeping. God forbid she might miss one minute of excitement!

Below, my future dress designer makes the most of my beach wrap.

Day 36

Despite the sadness of flying home from a spectacular beach vacation, we enjoyed a lovely sunset.

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