Sunday, November 15, 2009

5-Year Family Day

When I learned the dates of our trip to China to adopt Zelda, I was relieved to know we would be home in time to celebrate Annalee's five-year family day.

Five years ago today, Ron and I were in Changsha, Hunan province, China with seven other families from our travel group to adopt Annalee. She cried and cried when put into our arms. It was our first joy of parenthood.

We have remembered that day in 2004 and the days in China that followed often during the past two weeks as we were in China again to adopt Zelda.

While we celebrate Annalee's family day today, Nov. 15, and will celebrate Zelda's future family days on Nov. 1, we celebrate our family of four every day.

Here are the girls together this morning, playing dress up. What you can't see is me behind the camera with the very large clownish Ringling Bros. circus hat on my head, tulle bow on my waist, sheer pink butterfly wings on my back and silver sequined shoes on my feet. You're better off.

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