Sunday, November 16, 2008

Annalee's Blessings

For the past several weeks, we had yards of beautiful satin ribbons in wonderful shades of reds, oranges, greens and yellows overflowing baskets at our church. Everyone who was been at services and those of us who were on the retreat last weekend were invited to take a ribbon (or two or three) and write on it how our lives are blessed and how we share those blessings with others.

One weekend, Annalee took a ribbon and marker home with her. As we were driving home, she began writing (we spelled for her as necessary). These are the things she felt were her blessings:

Mommy and Daddy
Halloween (probably because she could spell it on her own)
Nana (one she knew how to spell), grandparents
everything (my favorite)
sun! (the exclamation point was hers)
cats! (ours passed last year, but I was touched she remembered them)
pumpkin pie (yummy)
Mommy cat (not sure where this came from or if she was just filling the space)

Putting the list here just doesn't do the conversation justice. There was thoughtfulness and joy and exclamation in Leelee's deliverance of these blessings. She was excited both to share her blessings and to be able to write them on her own on this ribbon.

Annalee's ribbon, along with many, many others (including ones from Ron and me) were woven into a spectacular, colorful, blessed altar cloth that was unveiled today. After the service we went up to the altar to admire it. I spotted Annalee's ribbon within seconds. Her large printed letters - some on top with others woven underneath - it was magical to see. I picked Annalee up to show her her ribbon as it sat on the 'cloth' top of the altar; she was so excited!

Seeing that festive cloth during church will always be a wonderful reminder of my daughter's thoughtfulness - and of our many, many blessings.

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