Thursday, October 30, 2008

Innards, Seeds and Slime, Oh My!

Nothing like waiting until the eleventh hour to carve pumpkins. But, we got them done tonight. I just love carving pumpkins! Leelee designed each pumpkin face. The one on her pumpkin has square eyes with little half-rounds for eyeballs - something she learned from her kindergarten teacher. When it came time for her to design the face on my pumpkin, she remembered that I like triangle eyes, so that's what I got on my pumpkin.

My dad, sister and I used to do all the carving when I was growing up. Mom just kind of hung around on the sidelines. At least that's what I remember. I don't think it was her thing, either, like it isn't Ron's thing. Ron's never really had any interest in pumpkin carving in all the years we dated and have been married. It's just not a thing for him. But, it is for me. I love carving pumpkins. Well, actually, I think it's the pumpkin seeds that I really love.

I eat the whole seed, shell and all. Salt can make or break a batch of pumpkin seeds. I haven't tried our baked pumpkin seeds from today, but I have my doubts about their success. I don't think I boiled them enough before baking. We'll see...

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