Thursday, October 30, 2008

Polka Dots

Today I am wearing the sweater set that I wore nearly four years ago, the day our daughter was placed in my arms. She was crying - out of fear. I was crying - out of joy (or maybe fear?). Quite a pair we made. Ron was alongside us grinning from ear to ear just taking it all in.

When I look down at these colored polka dots, I can feel every emotion that I experienced on that day. Anticipation, relief, joy, excitement, exhaustion, love. Above all else, there was love. For my daughter. For my husband. For the red thread that brought us all together at that moment in time from opposite ends of the world.

We've experienced so much together in these past four years. But, I will never forget the details of that day. And, if I do (when I get really old - and maybe senile), I'll always have the DVD to watch and remind me...if I can remember where to find it.

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