Friday, October 31, 2008

Double Vision

Halloween has been for me these past few years a fun day to be a kid with Annalee. I've been the Cat in the Hat to her Po and Cinderella's stepmother to her Cinderella (along with our Prince Charming).

Today, Annalee and I were each Snow White - something I had wished for as early as last Halloween. I kept my idea to myself and let my little one make her choice(s) by herself. She started out wanting to be a cheerleader, so I purchased that outfit. Then, we went to the store to get my outfit (Snow White) and a different cheerleader outfit that was, by then, on sale. While there Annalee decided to be Ariel, the little mermaid.

Before we paid for everything, I needed to try on my costume and make sure it would fit - and then lightening struck. There must have been something about my outfit that caught her interest; without my saying a word my secret wish came out of Annalee's mouth. "I'd like to be Snow White, too, mama." I swooned. My little dream was going to come true.

And, so it has.

I went to school today and marched in the class parade along side my little girl. Then, we trick 'r treated together. What a pair we made. Oh, how I love this - another day of motherhood glory!

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Alice said... three are so adorable.....You are truly blessed. Your family is beautiful!