Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Photo Project 2012 - Day 365

Day 365

I started this 365-day photo project with a picture of my family enjoying a good-luck, black-eyed pea dinner. It seems appropriate that we should end the year and the project with images from our New Year's Eve dinner at home with friends. The Barons joined us at home for a long evening of feasting beginning with homemade guacamole, bacon-wrapped dates, a mid point of perfectly cooked beef tenderloin accompanied by some fine wine, dessert that include chocolate souffle and an ending toast to the East Coast new year with sparkling grape juice for adults and children alike. It was a perfect way to finish the holiday season.

With this posting, I complete the year-long photo project that began on Jan. 1, 2013, when I set out to take at least one picture every day. The project had its ups and downs. I missed taking pictures only a handful of days during the course of the year; I took far more pictures in 2012 than I had in the previous few years. I was slow to post my photos to the blog. And, when I was behind on posting photos, I felt like I couldn't just write a regular post. So, I have a lot of notes in a file about posts I'd like to write. Maybe I'll get to those this year.

As I look back through our digital files and photo project posts on the blog, I know that the project gave me the opportunity to capture so many moments in 2012 that would otherwise be forgotten. Like a German shepherd riding in a convertible; drinking an amazing bottle of ginger ale; the snowman door mat still out in the middle of the summer; and an amazingly tasty banana treat that didn't come close to looking like the picture in the magazine. For those memories I am grateful.

Though I felt relief and not obligation when I looked at the camera today, I know that I will forever look at the routine or otherwise mundane images of our everyday life a little differently. And, once in a while, I just may snap a picture of them.

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