Saturday, November 17, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 290 to 299

Day 290

The view through our kitchen blind each morning is a clear indicator of how the sun is moving further south as it rises in the east.

Day 291

As Annalee gets ready to leave for school I made her pose with her volcano poster. It was part of a partner project on natural disasters for Discovery class. Her teacher loved it.

Later that day, we made s'mores candy apples. Once again (Day 200), our apples did not come out looking nearly like the picture in the magazine. While I swore during the making of them that this would be a one-time deal (the cooking of the marshmallows was time-consuming and hard on my wrists), they were so good that I have saved the recipe. As in, they were awesomely delicious!

Day 292

I love the look of this birch tree in contrast with the yellow and green leaves.

Day 293

Doesn't it seem odd that vegetables now come with instructions?

Day 294

If you can believe it, this was the best of the pictures I took of the girls and my niece and nephew. And, that's not saying much.

Day 295

Portia likes Zelda's backpack.

Day 296

Zelda and I loved the rich color of these Chinese eggplants at our local market.

Day 297

Zelda and I donned our rubber boots to clear out the garden one afternoon.

Day 298

One of the blessings of Annalee taking band is that on those Thursday mornings when I take her to school (very) early, I get to see the sunrise. What a beautiful way to start the day!

Day 299

I can't believe that Ron can still lift both girls at the same time.

And with this post, we are down to the last 66 days of the year! Of course, that was back on Oct. 26, when I took Day 299's picture. I'm sure we're in the 40s now and counting down. More pictures to come soon!

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