Monday, September 3, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 239 to 246

Day 239

Aug. 27 was my brother-in-law's 42nd birthday. We celebrated with dinner at Las Palmas. Yummy fajitas!

Day 240

Zelda had been begging to go to Brookfield Zoo for weeks. The stars aligned and we were able to go last week after Annalee returned to school. We brought my twin niece and nephew with us for the day.

My favorite summer exhibit is the butterfly house. Zelda managed to get a butterfly to walk onto her finger when none of the staff  - nor mommy - was looking (that's a big no-no).

Wyatt didn't have to do anything for this butterfly, whose proper name escapes me now, to land on his water bottle. The butterfly was seeking a droplet of water.

Day 241

This was Annalee's after-school snack: leftover mac 'n cheese, scrambled egg, mango and raspberries, presented ala Chopped.

Day 242

Ol' blue eyes. Well, they're actually aqua, but against the blanket they show more blue.

Day 243

This is the cat tree we bought for Portia and Cinna. They love it. It sits just inside the family room and right next to the kitchen, so they can see everything going on around them - when they're not sleeping, that is.

Day 244

Day 245

We can't do anything on the computer without one of the cats getting onto the desk. They try to 'catch' the cursor/mouse on the monitor.

Day 246

I couldn't pick just one of these, so you get a bonus for today.

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