Monday, September 3, 2012

Another First for Annalee

The start of fourth grade also gave Annalee the opportunity to begin acolyting at our church. As an acolyte, she will carry in one of the candles during the procession and recession. She also holds the candle while the gospel is being read, and she accepts the wine and host from the person(s) presenting oblations.

Ron was overjoyed with the idea of Annalee becoming an acolyte. He joined the Episcopal faith later in high school and never participated in the service to that degree, even though he is a lay Eucharistic minister (LEM) now (among many other responsibilities at our church). Annalee, on the other hand, was not enthused. At all.

The robes and the candle changed that. Once training was completed, she looked forward to her first day as an acolyte. And, she did a perfect job. It made the day all the more special that her dad was along side her as a LEM. (Photo Project 2012 - Day 238)

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