Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 221 to 229

It seems like I just got myself caught up with posting pictures and then more than two weeks went by - likethat!

Day 221

I decided to get fancy - or maybe just do something a little different - and made meatloaf cupcakes. It was so easy to scoop the mixture into the cupcake pans and bake them. Baked up in a third of the time it takes to make loaves. And, the kids enjoyed the funness of them, too. Just add mashed potatoes and peas, and, voila!

Day 222

As summer vacation was winding down, I looked at a list I had made early in the summer of places I thought might be interesting to take the girls. Magical Minds Studio in Oak Park was just the fun we were looking for. The twins slept over the night before and the five of us made the short trip east in the morning. The studio had about five different art stations for the kids to choose from. They all started at the easels painting. While I think this is something I could set up at home, it was especially nice to walk away from the mess with just our new art in hand.

Day 223

One set of our friends have their wedding anniversary within a few days of ours. So, we went out to dinner together late one Saturday afternoon and followed that with a movie. We dined on the terrace at a local seafood place. I was most excited to see this heron in the pond just beyond our seats. I was disappointed to have only my cell phone to take his picture.

Day 224

Zelda was out riding her bike while I took this picture of my neighbor's weeping willow tree. I love when it grows haphazardly and nearly touches the ground.

Day 225

Annalee had her school friend over for a play date. They spent a lot of time on the Wii.

 Day 226

We picked up Chinese food from Jade Dragon in Hinsdale (the best Chinese food around!). I loved the way the late afternoon sun struck the buildings, though my cell phone couldn't quite capture the beauty.

Day 227


We took out the Play Doh one morning. 

That evening, I was looking at Annalee's eyes and noticed they were not symmetrical. I'm not sure if that's something new or not, but I thought they were beautiful enough to take her picture.

Day 228

With the exception of my friends' homegrown garlic, the rest of the tomatoes and tomatillos in this bowl are from our garden.

Day 229

I woke up very early on Friday, Aug. 17 to prepare for our road trip. I washed apples in the colander. They looked like a neat picture to take, so I did.

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