Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 140 to 152

Day 140

Zelda's hip-hop dance recital will get more blog time (along with Annalee's piano recital) than this little picture. But, I just had to include this in the Photo Project.

Day 141

On May 20, Annalee and I 'did' the 1-mile race in the Darien Dash. Annalee found some friends and posted a 12:35 mile. I was pretty proud of my own 15:16-minute mile, considering I hadn't been in training for this walk/run. Afterward, we went to Lemont Street Cafe, where Annalee ate a burger as big as her head.

 Day 142

I just thought Annalee looked so pretty with her hair half-up that I took this picture with my phone.

Day 143

An end-of-the-day picture of Zelda's recital bouquet.

Day 144

On Wednesday, Zelda and I were out in the yard planting some containers. As I walked back to the patio from the shed, I was wowed by this cascading rose bush under my bedroom window. In nearly 14 years of living here, I've never done a thing to this plant. And, I was greatly rewarded this year!

Day 145

Annalee's birthday request this year was to plant a garden. We started out planning a 4x8. When that looked too small, we pushed out to an 8x8. Included are collards, cabbage, buttercrunch lettuce, tomatillos, black cherry tomatoes, early girl and sweet 100 tomatoes, green beans, red peppers and jalapenos. And, don't forget the many flowers all along the edges. We definitely overplanted it, so when push comes to shove the flowers may have to go...

Day 146

I think...I forgot!

Day 147

My dad and step mom, Pat, came over to celebrate Pat's birthday with us. It seems like it had been a long time since I'd taken a picture of the girls with any of their grandparents. This was a nice one!

Day 148

A true reader in the making...Zelda laid out on the couch, covered by a cushion, to 'read' a book while the rest of us finished getting ready for church.

Day 149

I cheated a little for this picture. I actually took it on Sunday, May 27, which was day 148. But, I took it knowing it would be great for Memorial Day. For the project's sake, I did take a picture on this day - a picture of my Aunt Pat with her birthday cake - but it's on Ron's phone and it would be near impossible for me to get him to download his pics.

Day 150

Another end-of-the-day photo - Ron's computer screen. It has a picture I took of the girls in August 2010 underneath one of the lions outside the Art Institute.

Day 151

Annalee is dressed for Hawaiian day on one of the few remaining days of third grade.

Day 152

OK. I was really slipping this week...another last-minute photo...Ron in the office - in his jacket. Oh, wait, that's his shirt.

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