Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 4 to 7

It's only day eight of the new year and I have figured out something useful for my Photo Project 2012 undertaking: It's ridiculous of me to think that I will take, upload and post a new picture each day this year. It's just not going to work with our family schedule. Especially when I've been sick for days. So, I'm not going to hold myself to posting every day, but I will absolutely take at least one picture every day. Even if it's just my view from a couch...

Day 4

This was the lovely view from the couch as I tried to do nothing while feeling miserable.

Day 5

After returning from picking Zelda up at preschool, I noticed how sad our shovels look just waiting for some snow to push.

Day 6

This is so typical of Annalee, lost in a book at the kitchen table after school.

And, only because I had taken on this photo challenge for the year did I feel drawn to capture this image of a nearly full moon outside our patio doors on Friday night. My lack of detailed knowledge of our camera actually worked in my favor this time.

Day 7

This was Zelda and Tubby with a cup of dry cereal on Saturday morning looking perfectly content as the sun started to shine in through the French doors of the family room.

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