Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Day 8 and Counting

Well, I've gotten really behind in posting images for Photo Project 2012. But, at least I'm still taking them. Every day, though I think I may have missed one this past week. Feeling compelled to take pictures each day has me thinking: Am I taking a picture each day just to take a picture and capture my day or am I taking a picture to push myself to look at the world around me a little differently? I started out thinking the former, but little by little, I'm leaning toward the latter. That said, some pictures will show that I'm just barely managing to get a single picture taken for a given day. January in the Midwest without much snow (before today!) doesn't leave much to photograph. I always have my children, though. And, sometimes, they prove quite photogenic.

Here are the best of the them, starting with:

Day 8

My dad Bob as we celebrated his birthday with the family.

Day 9

It wasn't enough for Zelda to finger paint. She needed to paint me and have me make a hand print.

Day 10

This is one of those pictures that very plainly captures an activity at one point in our day. This day, we drew pictures of Zelda's favorite loveys, Tubby and Bear.

Day 11

Annalee read to Zelda one afternoon after school.

Day 12

Finally, some snow! And, with that comes the anticipation of a sleigh ride down to the bus stop.

Beautiful Zelda after a joyful afternoon of snow. I don't know if the sad face is from being wet or from knowing it's time to go in.

Day 13

Pathetic, I know. The remains of some tasty, warm hot chocolate...

Day 14

Our family with our friend Bill Li. He's like the Chinese stork in our adoption world.

Day 15

Does this really require a caption?

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