Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Roaring Again

I had another 'I am woman, hear me roar' moment today. Ron and I are in charge of the community well on our block. Earlier this summer, he showed me how to reset the pump when it goes out and stops providing water to our houses.

So, earlier today my neighbor called me on my cell just after I had dropped off Zelda for preschool.  My neighbor asked if I had water because they weren't getting any at her house. Since I wasn't home, I couldn't tell if my water was working, but, typically, if one house doesn't have water than neither do the other seven.  I told her I'd check the pump.

I zipped over to our street and parked near the pump, which is at the opposite end of the road from our house. I walked over to it and saw that the meter wasn't turning. So, I hoisted up the big, honkin' box that covers the actual pump unit. I pressed the two buttons to reset the pump and heard that lovely clicking sound that indicated it reset itself.

Lo and behold, the meter started running again, too. 
I rocked that problem today!

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