Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shots and Tears

I took Annalee and Zelda for the first of their A/H1N1 vaccine shots today. I knew Annalee was panicked, as she hates shots and starts complaining about going to the doctor long before a routine check-up appointment simply for fear over getting a shot. I figured if I prepped her well enough yesterday, we might get through it with minimal trauma. I talked with her about relaxing her arm to help it not hurt so much. We sort of practiced it.

I had no clue how Zelda would handle it. The only clue I had was that she didn't make a sound when the nurse pricked her finger earlier this week for a lead test at the pediatrician's office.

So, we worked our way through the maze at the county health department building this morning and were finally ushered to a table. The nurse suggested that Annalee go first. Maybe she figured Zelda would freak out if she got her shot and then that would freak out Annalee.

Annalee sat on one of my legs while I held Zelda on the other. Gigi helped block Annalee's view of the needle while I talked to her about relaxing her arm. Before you know it, the shot was done. I think Annalee was in shock that it was over, too. She just sat there. No tears, nothing. At least from her.

I was the one who began crying. I had been so worried about her fear of the shot. And, then she was so brave. So, I cried for her. The nurse was so sweet; she told me I wasn't the first mom to cry instead of her children. She made me feel much better for it.

Then, it was Zelda's turn. My second brave daughter. Not a peep; not a flinch. No tears, nothin'.

Given their display of bravado, I gave Annalee her pick for lunch. She called for a Happy Meal. Chicken nuggets all around.

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