Wednesday, November 5, 2008

People Don't Have Black Skin, Mommy

I've tried to impart on Annalee the significance of voting for and, now, the election of Barack Obama, the first African-American man to be elected president of the United States. But, she doesn't see people as belonging to a 'race' or as different from one another because of skin color. In fact, she doesn't believe that people have black skin - or even yellow skin, as people might suggest she has.

I walked a fine line between trying to teach our daughter about something of enormous historical importance and about race relations in this country and throughout the world. I treaded gently. I didn't want to alter her view of the world and of people into something cynical or scary. I didn't need to open the trunk of our history and share the ugliness that has been and continues in this world around race.

If only the people of the world could learn something from the minds of kindergartners. These little people see life in full color - and only color - without prejudice or predisposition of attitude. The way we all should live.

This is a time of transformation. Whether it comes from our children or from our president-elect, the time is now. Change has come to America, and I'm so proud to be a part of it - and to share that with my child.

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