Sunday, September 30, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 251 to 269

Day 251

Zelda started lounging on the couch after doing a special 'dress-up' dance for a friend. Cinna decided the dress was a comfy place to rest.

Day 252

I took the girls to the pet store to pick up food for the kittens. I couldn't stop laughing as we passed this container of lizards. Or were they geckos? I don't know. But, they were really funny looking.

Day 253

As irritated as I am by Portia taking up residence on my computer, I usually stop to take a picture before setting her back on the floor.

We couldn't capture a great image of Cinna freaking out for his dinner, but if you look closely, you can see his paws splayed out ready to grab the bowl.

Day 254

I finally bought a new saute pan for making our fried eggs. Annalee and I both got tired of the last pan where the eggs stuck and then the yolks broke.

They're just so cute, I couldn't not post this picture.

And, then, we saw this dog in the car early that evening. The girls and I cracked up. So, it gets posted, too.

Day 255

If Portia isn't on my computer, she's on Ron's desk, making herself at home.

Day 256

I found this ginger ale at a local bulk food store. It reminded me of the way ginger ale used to taste, when I was nine years old and it was all my grandma had to drink at her house. I didn't care for it then, but, oh, how I savor that flavor now.

Day 257

I raised the kitchen blind at dawn to find a crescent moon (lower near trees) and Venus in the eastern sky.

Day 258

Are you sick of pictures of the cats? I'm not...yet. I'm looking down at them as they snuggle together in the top of the cat tree.

Day 259

Friends asked me to take a family portrait. I think this came out pretty nice.

Day 260

Yes, that's Portia reclined on my laptop.

Day 261

Ron and I returned home from dinner with friends to find Annalee and Portia getting cozy in my bed. She should have been sleeping in her own.

Day 262

Day 263

I moved some containers around in the kitchen and realized we had an abundance of fruit. Bananas and peaches and pears, oh my!

Day 264

When all else fails, take a picture of the kittens. Aren't they so sweet?

Day 265

Gretchen can't pass up an opportunity to hold Cinna (or Portia, or both).

Day 266

I love the shadow of this image.

Day 267

When Portia can't sit on the laptop, she sits on the lap of whomever is in the chair. In this case, Annalee.

Day 268

Dad and Pat came over to watch Zelda. They had a chance to meet Portia and Cinna, too. At separate times, each kitten took up residence on my dad's chest. Shocking, since he really doesn't like cats. At all. I'm beginning to think it's all talk.

Day 269

Zelda has been very concerned lately about the life of Tubby, her little hippo. She's starting to recognize how much wear 'n tear he's endured in the past three years. So, I'm taking more pictures of the two of them together.

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