Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photo Project 2012 - Days 22 to 26

My year-long photo project continues. I've just been lax (and took a vacation) between Jan. 22 and now. Here's to hoping I can build up some momentum, get caught up on my posts and start to maintain some consistency in posting.

 Day 22

In honor of Chinese New Year, I decorate our mantel with Chinese artwork, books and even shoes.

Day 23

I have been wearing bunny slippers since 1994, thanks to my friends Denise and Tammy, who gave them to me after a surgery. They were hard to find for a while, but I would always have my family on the lookout for them so I could replace my very well worn pairs. Lately, I have been buying my classic bunnies from Runaway Rabbit. I only mention it and give them this plug because they have outstanding customer service!

Day 24

My dear, sweet Annalee all snug in her bed.

Day 25

I got a pedicure for our trip to Mexico. You'll see more of that trip in another post.

Day 26

I don't know why, but I can't throw away candy canes. So, these are still sitting on my counter (yes, even now in February as I post this picture that I took in January).

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