Friday, April 23, 2010

Love Without Boundaries Auction

As you may be aware, our daughter Zelda's foster care in China was supported by Love Without Boundaries (LWB). A family in the Netherlands provided a monthly donation to help the foster family care for Zelda.

Through LWB, we have been able to obtain many photos of Zelda as she grew in her first 20 months of life in China. These photos, along with monthly health/developmental reports are priceless to us. Here's just one of the photos we now have:

For the next five days, LWB is hosting a fund raising auction on e-bay. Please browse their collection of items for sale and consider supporting them. If not through the auction, then maybe you can provide support through a direct donation to Love Without Boundaries.

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cxjcarey said...

I didn't know Zelda was a LWB baby! Was planning to browse the auction today. Those pictures--such a treasure.