Sunday, June 28, 2009

Color Inspiration #54

My friend Kathy and I share the same birthday. The timing coincided with Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration #54, giving me colors to design with.

Yes, I know that challenge was nearly three weeks ago. But June 12 and 13 went by in a blur as the dishwasher leaked all over the kitchen floor and into the crawl space, and the toilet bubbled when we ran water so we had to get the septic tank pumped and the pipes blown out. When all that was done, I had totally forgotten to post this and submit the card to Kristina's web site.

All products are from Stampin' Up! I really like using Crystal Effects. Gives a little something more to these gift boxes:

And, if you're wondering, the dishwasher was spared with $176 of fitting repair. And, the septic tank was up and running after $400 of pumping and blowing out. That was a costly week, for sure.

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