Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Three Birthdays and a Boot

By the time Memorial Day ended, I realized we had celebrated a birthday each day of our three-day weekend. On Saturday, my friend Jennifer had a 'significant' birthday, so her husband threw her a party. He did it all. And, she just sat and visited with all her friends. It was really a nice treat to just sit and visit!

I had been holding on to this card for a long time, since I just love it. When I went to my stash to pick a card for Jennifer, I knew it was time to give this one away. As a fellow stamper, I figured she'd really like it.

On Sunday, we went to my dad's and celebrated my step-mom's birthday, which is tomorrow (May 27). The rest of my step-siblings were there, along with my beautiful little niece, Kaitlyn. She recently turned 1 (I'll talk about that in another post - since it got past me in April). Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this card. It was very cute with a strawberry on it.

Then, on Monday, my aunt Pat turned 80. She's never been one for big attention or celebrations, so we brought cake and cherry pie to her house, sang happy birthday and ate like pigs. I made this card during my most recent stamping weekend. I thought it was perfect to give my aunt - someone who's really lived life.

Today, came the boot. For those of you who didn't hear, I was laid off a few weeks ago, much to my surprise - and excitement. Getting laid off now rather than quitting after we adopt our second child means lots of severance pay, and even unemployment! So, in honor of 'getting the boot,' Mary Ann, my good friend and cohort in stamping, sent me this hilarious card. I just can't get over her cleverness. She's in New York this week on a little vacation, so I can't just ring her up and tell her how much I like it. Well, I guess I could call her cell. But, I really don't need to bother her to tell her how cool her card is. She can just read it here when she's back home. Thanks Mary Ann. It rocks!

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