Thursday, December 4, 2008

Luscious Yarns!

As soon as I turn off the computer, I'm going back to my most luscious yarns and work on my scarf.

I still can't believe it took me until last week to start working on this - I bought the yarn in early October when I finished my wrap. (While I get lots of compliments on the wrap, I think it looked better in my head. Why does that happen?)

So, with the wrap done, I went to the store in search of two yarns, pretty much like these, to make a duplicate of a scarf I designed and knit several years ago. Then, once I got these home, I had second thoughts about what I wanted to make. It got me to thinking that it's easier to pick a pattern and buy yarns to match. This knitting off the cuff can be difficult - at least for me. It's as if I just don't want to commit to the project. What if I could have knit something different? What if what I knit doesn't show off the yarn to the best it could? What if this...what if that? Too much doubt.

So, I finally bit the bullet. I'm knitting with the two yarns together (even that was a tough decision - knit them together or knit a couple rows with one and then the other...). I designed the scarf with two seed stitches on each edge with 9 stitches in the middle. It will be a checkerboard - 3 rows by 3 stitches of stockinette, 3x3 of reverse stockinette and 3x3 of stockinette. Then the reverse for three rows. I started with a ruffle - cast on 52 stitches, knit 2 together for two rows dropping the stitch count to 13. I'm contemplating putting a slit into the other end so that the scarf can just tuck through itself. It'll be a short one, to just wrap around my neck.

I love the colors - bright pistacchio and all those colors in the ribbon yarn. Stay tuned - I'll post some pics when it's done. For now, my luscious yarns are calling me.

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