Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blokus Champ

I was rockin' last night at Blokus! If you don't know about Blokus, it's a strategy game of trying to get all 17 of your pieces on the board. You're defending territory and marking territory all at the same time. Very cool. Very fun.

So, we got out the game and taught Ron's dad and his lady friend (they were visiting from North Carolina for 10 days). The first game and even a little into the second game, we helped them out and showed them how to play better with their pieces. The third game, though, each player was on his own.

I'm excited to report that I was the three-time champion last night. Not only that, but I won one round with ZERO points, meaning I placed ALL MY PIECES on the board (lowest point total wins)! That was unheard of in our family. Until now. I really impressed Ron, which isn't always easy. The other two games I won with eight points and three points. Pretty cool, huh?

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