Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Asparagus Xylophone

I love the way you can practically see children's brains at work. They can be so transparent. It's fascinating to watch the wheels turning.

Annalee and I were breaking asparagus, preparing to roast it for dinner. As I finished getting the stalks arranged in the pan with seasonings and oil, she proceeded to play with the hard ends of the asparagus we had just broken off.

Next thing I know, she's created a xylophone of asparagus stubs, complete in graduated sizes from smallest to largest. Then the singing began as she "played" the instrument. I watched with fascination. She was oblivious to me, though I was standing so close that the hair on my arms brushed against her. She remained on the chair, working at the xylophone set on top of the kitchen counter for a few minutes more.

As suddenly as Annalee began playing music, she brought her symphony to an end. It was time to do handstands into 'bridges' onto the ottoman in the family room.

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